Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunnyslope Art Walk

Come visit me at the Sunnyslope Art Walk  Saturday, October 8th, 5 to 9 pm. I will be selling Art Jewelry and Vitreous Glass Enameled Wall Pieces.

Sunnyslope Community
Sunnyslope Art Walk Facebook page

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mesa Art Center Wood Working Classes by Ellie Richards

Instructor:Ellie Richards
When:Saturday, October 1 - Sunday, October 2, 2011
Start time:9 am       
End time:5 pm 
Beginning to Intermediate level
Explore sculptural form while creating a functional container. Band saw boxes open up endless possibilities of design, finish, and function while providing valuable lessons in beginning woodworking. If you have worked with wood, this class will leave you feeling accomplished and ready for more. Learn the properties of wood and basic construction techniques such as band saw use, design layout, lamination, sanding, and finishing to complete a personalized hand crafted product. Classroom: Sculpture Studio

Instructor:Ellie Richards When: Saturday, October 22 - Sunday, October 23, 2011  Start time: 9 am       End time: 5 pm
Beginning to Intermediate level
Explore how wood can be a part of your jewelry making practice.
Learn how to texture, pattern, and finish wood to create beautiful wooden components that will stand out among others. Experimenting is key! In the class we will make a series of items including but not limited to: a bracelet, two necklaces, a ring, and earrings. We will fabricate these pieces using metal, string for hardware and connecting elements. Classroom: Sculpture Studio         
Instructor:Ellie Richards
When: Saturday, December 3 - Sunday, December 4, 2011   Start time: 9 am      End time: 5 pm  Beginning to Intermediate level
You’ll learn the fundamental cuts that will enable you to use spoon-carving tools efficiently and safely. You’ll then be guided through a few simple projects where you will be able to use those cuts and add to them as your skill grows. By the end of the course you will have learned: the easy way to equip yourself to continue spoon carving, how to sharpen and care for your own tools, and what kind of wood to use and where to buy it. You will also get the chance to see a range of different things you can make with the same wood and tools; pots and boxes, cord, tool handles and sheaths … and much more. Classroom: Sculpture Studio

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creations Gallery

"Creations Gallery is located in the art district of historic downtown Louisville, Colorado, in a coal miner’s cottage, renovated for just this purpose. It is the ideal place to find art by regional artists and to browse for unique art gifts for special occasions. There is a saying that reads: Here you find art gifts that outlive the moment of giving. The largest collection of handmade jewelry in the area is on display at the gallery, in addition to ceramics, art glass, fabric, paintings, photography, sculpture and wood products such as marquetry, joinery and turnings. The art greeting card selection is extensive and serves those looking for an alternative to e-cards and to those mass produced cards found at variety stores. Additional information available at"

Some of My Pieces Currently on Display in The Creations Gallery, if you have any questions please let me know or if you are in the area of Louisville, Colorado please stop by!
Rocky Paths
Rocky Paths
The Bend
Off Kilter
Dark Moon
Apple Coral
Recycled Cork
Clove Wool Bag
Red Heart Bag
Perty Plaid Bag
Spring Plaid Bag

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Mesa Art Center

When:    Friday, September 9 - Sunday, September 11, 2011
Where:   Mesa Arts Center

Friday, Sept 9, 2011: 6pm-10pm
Saturday, Sept 10, 2011: 10am-10pm
Sunday, Sept 11, 2011: 10am-4pm

Premiering Exhibitions:
Radical Rides: The “Art” of Motorcycles – Wilson and Ruby Dobson Main Gallery
Six-String Masterpieces – South Gallery
Easy Ridin’ & Hard Rockin’ AZ Style – North Gallery
Lego Experience – Dr. Ruth Tan Lim Project Room
Altered States: Dreams, Nightmares and Fantasies – SRP Permanent Collection Gallery

Click Here for Info

I will be here all weekend with my other MAC Metals/Jewelry Department Friends doing Torch Fire Enameling Demo's. You get to decorate your own piece and we will Fire it for you! For a fee that is.

Found: New Home for Cute Kitten

We found a new home for the Kitty we found. My Sister and Nephew have adopted him and named him Chuckie. He now has a great new home with a loving boy!