Monday, November 28, 2011

Studio Kahn

silver & grey SPHERES NECKLACE - break it to use itI just wanted to take some time to highlight some very creative Artists!

I have been in love with these pieces from Studio Kahn since I found them exploring Etsy. I do not yet own a piece of their work, but I can just feel the cool smooth ceramic in my hands and the snap as the two conjoined pieces disengage. I can almost hear that snap while getting over the mental stigma of 'Breaking' a piece of ceramic in half, it seems so wrong. It would be a full sensory experience.

Studio Kahn was created by Mey and Boaz Kahn, a married couple living in Jerusalem. Their design aesthetic is minimalist with an ingenious mechanism.
You can view more of their work at: Studio Kahn Etsy Shop Facebook

LARGE Silver & Grey HEART NECKLACE  - break it to use itLARGE Silver & Grey HEART NECKLACE  - break it to use it

SILVER 925 LINK Necklace - break it to use it
NEW Light Grey FRAGILE S&P set

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