Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Jewelry/Metals Classes

Fall Jewelry/Metals Classes
City of Tempe's Edna Vihel Center for the Arts.
Instructor: Holly Carter

Classes are held in The Pyle Adult Recreation Center: 655 East Southern Avenue Tempe, AZ.
Click here to register online Class Brochure or call 480-350-5287.
Jewelry I     Code 27376      
Mon 6:00PM -8:45PM              Dates 09-12-2011 -10-31-2011
A course for beginners. Learn how to use a jeweler's saw and file and finish metal with silver solder. Work with silver, copper and brass in sheet projects, band ring and bezel set stone pendant. Supply costs vary; an approximate cost is $75.

Jewelry II    Code 27377
Wed 6:00PM -8:45PM              Dates 09-14-2011 -11-02-2011
Take your jewelry making skills to the next level with this advanced jewelry making class. In this class you will learn advanced techniques such as: Intermediate stone setting, working metal and forming, surface techniques, hollow forms, making findings and other techniques as time allows. Supply costs vary; an approximate cost is $75. Must have taken Jewelry I or equivalent experience.

Jewelry Sampler    Code 27379
Tue 6:00PM -8:45PM                Dates 09-13-2011 -11-01-2011
Learn use of tools and basic jewelry techniques for acid etching, enameling and lost wax casting. Supply costs vary; an approximate cost is $75.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Project 121: How you can help animals in need .

Project 121: Animals in Need Click to view the Channel 3 Humane Society Telethon

Found: Cute Kitten, Needs a Good Home

He is a Siamese mix, so very sweet, has huge Blue eyes. Appears to be about 8 months old. Needs to be Neutered soon. Seems to be litter box trained and ok with dogs.
He came to my door last night, meowing and crying. When I went outside he jumped out and ran to me, rubbing all over my leg. We gave him some food and loves and brought him inside in a large carrier, hoping to find someone to take him. Unfortunately we can not keep him because one of our cats will not like him and with two cats and a dog already that would be too hard. We are going to try hard to find him a home or find his home if possible. We may have to take him to the Humane Society, but I know they are having a hard time with too many animals right now. The Human Society is currently having a telethon on Channel 3 to raise money, so it would be great if we didn't have to bring him there.
He is beautiful and very, very nice, So if you live in the Phoenix area and are interested contact me. Please.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I sold this piece in the Spring of this year at The Sunday Funday Artisans Market in Scottsdale, to a nice couple of men from the East Coast as a House Warming gift for the friends they were visiting here in Arizona. Wasn't that nice!
I thought I would share, because the piece wasn't on display for long before I sold it and I am thinking I might do a few more like it. It was rather experimental. It is a Wall Piece made of Vitreous Glass Enamel on Copper, mounted on Recycled Wood.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Artist Reception at Eden Gardenhouse for Artist Jean Hemmer

Art Showcase Featuring Local Phoenix Artist Jean Hemmer. Jean is an award winning and published Artist who works in the mediums of  Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Clay, and Paper Mache.

Come join us for a stroll through Eden Gardenhouse and view the Poetic display of Jean’s Floral Painted Masterpieces!

Eden GardenHouse Features Artist
Jean Hemmer
September 2nd - 30th, 2011

Opening Reception
September 2, 2011
5 p.m.-10 p.m.
Eden GardenHouse
Home and Garden Inspired Boutique
2928 N. 7th Avenue  Phoenix, Arizona 85013
602- 274-2470
~ www.edengardenhouse.com ~ info@edengardenhouse.com ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going to Become a Blogger!

I have decided that I need to start blogging more. A new client of mine, Karen Sugarman, advised me to pick up blogging as a great marketing tool, as she has had much success with it. So, here I go!
My plans are to add the following themes as regular blog subjects:
My own Works in Progress and Pieces for Sale
My Random Thoughts
Students Work
Local Community Support
Feature on American Business's and Organizations
My Experimental Food Recipes
My Adventures in Camping and Kayaking

Keep an Eye out for Exciting New Posts!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Life as an Artist

Recently a Facebook Friend of mine posted a thread asking everyone their thoughts on Selling as an Artist. She said that it seems that American artists seem to be most concerned with selling then with making a social impact or leaving a legacy, more so than artists in other countries.
Here was my reply after someone else criticized artists who sell.

It is in my sole being to create. If not for my art I could not exist as who I am. I was educated in my craft, I teach others my craft to help them realize their Art. I struggle as a full time professional artist to live as such, I got a degree so that I would have the skills to make my living off of my art. My work is my Art, My Art is my work, financial and so on. I teach, volunteer, and donate my time and work, I am involved so that I can be immersed. In the moments when Art does not sustain me physically and financially, I work other jobs to supplement. Sometimes I create for the benefit of others, sometimes its solely expressive. I make what I like, if someone else likes it too great! Sometimes my intent is to make it specifically for others. Many times I just have a great idea, many times I have a deep emotional concept I wish to portray. I enter exhibitions for prestige and to leave a lasting impression. Many pieces are hard to part with and I probably never will, I spend so much time on a piece that it is difficult to let go of that piece of me. Do I sell, yes, do I make a profit, well… School Loans, Materials, Tools, and Metal is expensive… so No. I struggle with having to live and having to be an artist, it doesn’t always pay the bills, so I teach to remain in the midst of creative energy. My friends are mostly Artists too and understand. To be an Artist is to be immersed in what you love or feel the need to do, and to say that one must only give away or keep their art and cannot profit enough to live comfortably with their art, isn’t realistic. In other countries throughout history craftsman and artists work most of their lives as apprentices to be educated and hone the skills to become good enough to make the money for what they do.

Holly Carter, Metals Artist & Instructor