Monday, March 12, 2012

Mesa Art Center Festival of Creativity

Festival of Creativity
March 9th - 18th 2012, 12pm to 9pm
Mesa Festival of Creativity invites you to immerse yourself in a fantastic environment full of amazing things to see and do! 

It’s Spring Break, but don’t spend it sitting around—
come to the Mesa Arts Center for endless family fun. 

If you visited or heard about AMOCOCO, Architects of Air’s incredible giant inflatable sculpture, which visited Mesa last March, you know you won’t want to miss another Alan Parkinson creation—MIRAZOZO! Based on the same design principles, but with different shapes and patterns, MIRAZOZO is an       incredible experience—like walking inside a work of stained glass!

Other Featured Activities and Programs include:
Try your hand at something new in a Studio Sampler—one-hour workshops in visual and performing art disciplines or in one of our more intense workshops.
Be part of the art—experience and engage with commissioned Interactive Art and Technology Projects.
Wonder at a display of Creative Inventions and Interactive Sculptures.
Mass Ensemble from Los Angeles will play their visually stunning original percussion and stringed instruments, including the Earth Harp—the world’s largest stringed instrument! You can try your hand on the Earth Harp, too.
Help Building Bonanza create a Lego sculpture 10 feet tall! 
Watch Joseph “Sentrock” Perez create painted canvases while break dancing.
Add your strand to an enormous Community Weaving project. 
Make one of the Origami Birds that will gradually fill the trees in and around the Mesa Arts Center. 
See the Giant Sidewalk Chalk Art Installation grow as it is created by local artists. Add your design in the Community Chalk Art area!
The Bookman's Family Creativity Area
Musical performances
Great Art Exhibitions at Mesa Contemporary Arts
Wonderful Food

Most activities at the Mesa Festival of Creativity are free of charge, but there is a modest $5 fee to visit MIRAZOZO or to take a Studio Sampler class.

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