Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's in a name???

Since I up and moved to the Bay, I decided it was a good time to renew my self and branding as an artist. Start fresh as it were. I have been using the name Incognito Designs when I sell every day Jewelry, while using Holly Carter when I enter exhibitions with my sculptural art. After much thought and advise from some friends, I am going to just keep it simple and true. My name Holly J. Carter for the business name and as the artist.

What a novel idea, just use my name!

I went back and forth with different variations on my name paired with metal works, art works, designs, etc.. Branding can be a difficult thing, to be confident enough that one day just your name will have enough weight to be a brand is astounding and intimidating. I was also stuck on the fact that I had to end the business name with something that was descriptive. My good friend Adiel suggested thinking of it as simply a tag line that I use on advertising, but not part of the actual name. I was making it too complicated as I usually do!

So, Holly J. Carter, Metal and Jewelry Art. Plain and Simple.
(Or, maybe Holly J. Carter, Metalsmith, Sculptural and Wearable Art? Or Sculpture and Jewelry Art?
Oh boy, here I go again!)

I also have many ideas for a new line of supplies to sell on sites like Etsy for those people who like to buy bobbles and beads and what not. Therefore my current Incognito Designs will transition into Incognito Designs by Holly J. Carter, selling supplies and whatever random cool vintage stuff I pick up now and then.
I am then going to start a new Etsy site with my name for all of my Jewelry and Art. Of course I am also working on perfecting the shopping cart on my personal website as well.

Now that I have gotten through the difficult part, time to design a new logo for a stamp, jewelry charm, business cards, website banner, etc., etc..

Wow, there is lots to do!
When I finally get it all done, then I have to wait for the sales to come.

I will keep posting on my progress for those interested. I would love to get some feed back on the process. I just hope that I can get more than my one current follower for my blog so that I can get that feedback. Especially since that one follower is me! Hehe.

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