Friday, May 17, 2013

Maker Faire 2013 - San Mateo County Event Center May 18th-19th

May 18th - 19th 2013

San Mateo County Events Center, CA

Saturday 10am - 8pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

Join me at the Maker Faire this weekend!

I will be doing a demo at The Metal Arts Guild booth on Saturday from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. There will be many great, fun things to create all weekend long!

MAG and MBMAG at Maker Faire

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer 2013 Classes at The Richmond Art Center

Jewelry 1
Explore the basics of jewelry and small metals fabrication. Learn the use of tools, how to saw, file, sand, and high temp silver solder with silver, copper, and brass. Create pierced sawing samples, band rings, and a bezel set stone
pendant.  Explore various finishing techniques and surface treatments including polishing, rolling mill texture, patinas, and more. 8 weeks
Class # SU19J • Jun 24 – Aug 12, 2013, 6:30 – 9 pm
RAC Member $189 • Nonmember $210

Jewelry Sampler
An introduction to special techniques. Jewelry I or equivalent experience
recommended, but not required. Learn the basic skills for jewelry and small
metals in Acid Etching, Lost Wax Casting, and Vitreous Glass Enameling. This class is fast paced and designed to demonstrate techniques, it will not necessarily result in completely finished projects. Each student will finish a sampling of each technique. 8 weeks
Class # SU20J • Wed, Jun 26 – Aug 14, 2013 6:30 – 9 pm
RAC Member $189 • Nonmember $210

Beginning Enameling
An introductory class. Learn the techniques  of Vitreous Glass Enameling, fusing glass to metal. Emphasis will be placed on mastering the basics: sifting and wet packing, kiln and torch firing, mark-making, and knowledge of color interactions. $15 materials fee paid to instructor. 8 weeks (No Class 7/5,7/12)
Class # SU5J • Fri, Jun 21 – Aug 16, 2013 10 am – 12:30 pm
RAC Member $168 • Nonmember $185

‘Summer Bling’ Teen Metals/Jewelry Sampler
Ages 12-17, Whether you like Shiny Metal Jewelry or Funky Metal Sculpture you can create your art using techniques such as forming, stamping, soldering, enameling, cuttlefish casting, and stained glass inlay. Make bracelets, pins, rings, earrings, mini-sculptures, or wall pieces, the inspiration is endless. 6 weeks
$20 Class supply fee.
Class # SU22J • Mon, Jun 24 – Jul 30, 2013 1 pm – 4 pm
RAC Member $162 • Nonmember $180

Classes are held at The Richmond Art Center 
2540 Barrett Ave. Richmond, CA 94804 • (510) 620-6772

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's in a name???

Since I up and moved to the Bay, I decided it was a good time to renew my self and branding as an artist. Start fresh as it were. I have been using the name Incognito Designs when I sell every day Jewelry, while using Holly Carter when I enter exhibitions with my sculptural art. After much thought and advise from some friends, I am going to just keep it simple and true. My name Holly J. Carter for the business name and as the artist.

What a novel idea, just use my name!

I went back and forth with different variations on my name paired with metal works, art works, designs, etc.. Branding can be a difficult thing, to be confident enough that one day just your name will have enough weight to be a brand is astounding and intimidating. I was also stuck on the fact that I had to end the business name with something that was descriptive. My good friend Adiel suggested thinking of it as simply a tag line that I use on advertising, but not part of the actual name. I was making it too complicated as I usually do!

So, Holly J. Carter, Metal and Jewelry Art. Plain and Simple.
(Or, maybe Holly J. Carter, Metalsmith, Sculptural and Wearable Art? Or Sculpture and Jewelry Art?
Oh boy, here I go again!)

I also have many ideas for a new line of supplies to sell on sites like Etsy for those people who like to buy bobbles and beads and what not. Therefore my current Incognito Designs will transition into Incognito Designs by Holly J. Carter, selling supplies and whatever random cool vintage stuff I pick up now and then.
I am then going to start a new Etsy site with my name for all of my Jewelry and Art. Of course I am also working on perfecting the shopping cart on my personal website as well.

Now that I have gotten through the difficult part, time to design a new logo for a stamp, jewelry charm, business cards, website banner, etc., etc..

Wow, there is lots to do!
When I finally get it all done, then I have to wait for the sales to come.

I will keep posting on my progress for those interested. I would love to get some feed back on the process. I just hope that I can get more than my one current follower for my blog so that I can get that feedback. Especially since that one follower is me! Hehe.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Story of Two Rings - Congratulations to Kristi and Ike

So begins a tale of two rings, I was asked by Kristi, a previous Arizona student to custom design and make her wedding bands. After a little research she decided she wanted their rings to look like twigs. Kristi emailed me some examples she found on the web, they were twigs carved out of wax with a leaf holding in the stone. As I don't like to copy other people's designs exactly, I said I could do something similar, but I would cast mine from Natural Twigs rather than carved from wax. I believe this makes them unique and more special. She wanted them made out of a white metal and hers with a stone setting. After much back and forth about types of stones, the decision was for Palladium with a round Alexandrite. Since I can't cast Palladium I decided I would have to cast the originals in bronze, make a mold of the ones they liked, and inject them with wax to be sent off to the Palladium caster. I used a few different types of twigs for the samples, including some from a cherry tree of which they liked the best.

These were the options I offered. I sent the two grooms rings for Ike to try and decide on what felt the best, and the one brides ring that Kristi liked for them to try for size and comfort.

Final Choices on style.
One Decision down!

After some difficulty in finding the right size of Alexandrite in an affordable price, I threw out a couple other options. I supplied photo's with different size and shapes of stones. As an example I used some random stones I had so she could get a better idea of how it might look.

Stone choice was an oval Iolite. (Photo shows an Amethyst)

During the trial period Kristi and Ike decided the Palladium was out of their price range for the moment, as Kristi was just accepted into a college program and so the purse strings tightened a bit. They decided to stick with Sterling Silver after all and that I could cast myself. After making some changes based on Kristi and Ike's preferences, here are the final wedding bands.

And, my little treat to them, I made a cute little custom box with a surprise note and ring pillow inside!
I used a cool box pattern from this website, and modified it a bit.

Wedding Photo's yet to come, stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Custom Commission: Final Steps

I am a little behind on my posting! In November of 2011 I began working on this commission piece and here are some of the final photos of it before it left my hands. The client was planning to have it gold plated, but I haven't heard if she has done that yet.
If you would like to see the post on my previous progress click on the links below:
Custom Commission
Custom Commission Continued

I was unable to permanently attach the last bits. Due to the plating process the pearls could not be attached yet, so I took a photo of what it might look like when done.

With some creative assembling and photography, here is an accurate depiction of what the finished piece will look like except plated in gold. It was a great learning experience and I gained a new friend in the process.