Friday, June 7, 2013

Branding - Need to make a Stamp!

On with my journey to Brand myself as an artist....... so I can brand my work.

Now it's time to make a Brand or Signature stamp, that is!

I got out the good old typography book and got some ideas. I sketched out various versions of my initials to use for stamping finished work with my seal. In the past I didn't like to sign my jewelry pieces because I felt it distracted from the beauty of the piece, but alas I have conformed to branding. I realize the importance of signing all of my pieces in order to make a more lasting impression as an artist. I am looking to use a monogram to serve as a stamp in many sizes, but also, to be the center piece in a logo design. I want the freedom of using them together or separate so that singularly they will each represent my work, with hopes of both becoming recognizable symbols.
The following image is a scan of the vellum I was sketching on. I would like the font to be unique and bold while still having a subtle presence, and yet portray my artistic aesthetic and affinity towards modernistic organics. I have found that lately my tastes and styles have been changing towards the more rustic organics in nature and I would like to somehow meld the two worlds with the logo image and the monogram together.
Boy, I am asking a lot of three little letters!
My intention is to not only use the stamps to sign the pieces, but to also use versions of my logo as parts of finished pieces such as one chain link in a necklace, a charm to add to a chain or bracelet, or the shape of a clasp.

I am leaning towards the circled Fonts. Font A is a generic example of what I see happening with the logo overall. I think once I make a decision on the logo image I will be able to make a better choice on this. 
On too the next step...narrowing down logo sketches. 
Later, I will post the preliminary sketches for my logo image as well.
Thanks for following me on my journey. I welcome feedback!


Anonymous said...

I vote for G, as it has more of your personality in it and does not look at all cartoon-ish. What I have always loved about your work is that it is clean and precise, yet grounded in nature's wistful and creative elements. You are a paradox, represented in the "missing" parts of the letters. You are also sophisticated, which is how you turn simple materials into intricate designs. People don't have to know what it says by being able to decipher the individual letters. They just have to recognize your brand, after they've been exposed to it one previous time. I love G! Those are my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

Holly, I kind of like B or E. Jonathan